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Here is a collection of my favorite vendors for Cookware, Knives, Spices, Magazines, and Television Shows. Over the course of the years I've tried all sorts of gear, subscribed & un-subscribed from many magazines, watched many cooking shows & networks, and ordered spices from a number of vendors. This is the 'short list' of vendors who have shown consistent quality year after year.

Britt's Suggested Vendors

Global Knife

Elegant design, Excellent performance, Easy care.

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All-Clad Metal Cookware

Premium metals, Handcrafted artistry, High-performance.

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Le Creuset Cookware

Durable, Quality materials, Many shapes & sizes

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Saveur Magazine

Consistently the Best Cooking Magazine year after year.

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America's Test Kitchen

Most useful recipes, TV & Radio shows, website, etc.

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Joy of Cooking

Another great website for both New & Classic techniques.

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ScanPan Cookware

Ingenious & Stylish with Superior Functionality.

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Penzeys Spices

World Class selection of spices from around the globe.

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Original Recipes

Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad

Here's a classic that awaits a personal touch for your family's palate.

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Chicken & Mozzarella Bake

This is a quick weeknight recipe to have ready in an hour.

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Pizza Dough

Here's an easy-to-make dough that makes an excellent crust.

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