Britt's Useful Cooking Tips

Always keep your knives sharp. Let the knife do the work for you rather than struggle.

I keep my knives very sharp, which is important, as you are more likely to cut yourself on a dull knife. Sharp knives do the work for you. I tell my students they should never put a knife in the dishwasher as this will dull the blade. Also, you should not use the cutting edge of a knife to scrap the cutting board. You can use the dull side of the knife to do this or invest in a bench scraper.

Time saving weeknight short cut : Always keep frozen minced garlic ready to drop into any recipe for easy flavor.

Purchase peeled garlic in bulk and then process it in a food processor until it is finely minced. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and then use a small scoop to place the garlic on the baking sheet and freeze. Store the frozen garlic in a zip top bag. There is no need to thaw, just toss one or two garlic scoops in whatever you are making. Great for weeknight meals.

Prepare all ingredients before you start cooking. This helps keep stress out of the kitchen & let's you enjoy cooking.

It's best to read through a recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients. Then prep all the items in the recipe. The French call this 'mise en place' - everything in its place. Professional kitchens prepare all the ingredients they need for the night's dinner service. If you practice this at home the cooking experience will be more enjoyable and less stressful.

Here's the technique for a perfect roasted chicken - it makes a delicious, easy family meal.

Preheat oven to 400°Fahrenheit. Rinse chicken under cold water and pat dry. Season chicken inside and out with salt and pepper. Place chicken breast side down in roasting pan. Roast chicken for 30 minutes per pound. Half way through the cooking time, turn the chicken breast side up. Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before cutting.

The secret to Fool-Proof Hard Boiled Eggs.

Place 6 eggs in saucepan, cover with cold water. Put pan over medium-high heat. Use instant read thermometer to check the water temperature. When water reaches 170°Fahrenheit, turn the heat to medium and set a timer for 12 minutes. Keep water below 190°Fahrenheit. After 12 minutes, drain hot water and run cold water over eggs for a couple of minutes. Thoroughly chill eggs before peeling - this makes peeling a lot easier.

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