A Few Words From Britt:

I started this group as an outlet for my passion of food. Cooking for family and friends has always been enjoyable so sharing my talents seemed like a good outlet for my energy and a great way to meet new people.

Charleston Cooking Class

I take pleasure in cooking: a perfect day for me is eight hours in my kitchen. I like creating original recipes, trying new types of cuisine and throwing something together based on what's in my refrigerator.

More and more people are eating out and not passing on the traditional recipes from past generations.

I wanted to create a group that taught the joys of cooking and passed forward the traditions that mean so much to me. Using fresh ingredients and showing my students how easy it is to create a fresh, home cooked meal is a true pleasure.

Learn Skills! Charleston Cooking Classes

I created the Meetup.com group Charleston Cooking Club - Learn Culinary Skills in order to get the word out that making quality meals in your home can be tasty & stress free.
If you're looking for a Charleston Cooking Class, this is the place.

Each Charleston Cooking Class has an intimate environment of 6 students so there is time to work on everyone's skills. I start each class with a general overview of what we will be cooking. Students' experience ranges from the beginner to someone who has worked for years in the food and beverage industry. All levels are welcome and each student can decide their own level of participation.


"I would highly recommend these cooking classes to anyone interested in great teaching, food and company! This was my second class/dinner and I will be back."
"Our host Britt was very organized, professional and has all of the state-of-the-art cooking essentials. The food was healthy, beautiful and most of all delicious. Thank you Britt for a lovely culinary experience."
"Britt demonstrated good skills that can carry from this dish to everyday use in kitchen. The Salmon and sides were over the top good food."
"I had a wonderful time. The presentation was professional, the food was great & it wasn't difficult to prepare. Can't wait for the cookbook."